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Mr. Radon performs radon mitigations and radon testing in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Mr. Radon® is the leading radon mitigation and radon testing company in southern Ontario.  Mr. Radon has been performing radon mitigations and radon testing all over southern Ontario since 2006 and we have numerous happy customers in the Guelph, Ontario area.  We are able to fix a typical home that is at high levels of radon (mitigate) in Guelph Ontario, with one day’s work with our trained and C-NRPP certified radon mitigation crews.  The Active Sub-Slab Depressurization System is effective at mitigating radon levels by up to 95% and we have mitigated homes for radon with this same system as high as 12,000 Bq/m³.

Mr. Radon’s simple mitigation Guarantee is that we will reduce your radon levels below Health Canada’s recommended level of 200 Bq/m³ or we return all mitigation fees.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas and it seeps into homes from the surrounding soils that contain trace amounts of uranium. In the Guelph, Ontario area your home is in the till plane left behind from the last glaciers and it is impossible to know where the rocks and soil that is under and around your home came from.   

If you have not yet tested for radon in your Guelph, Ontario, Mr. Radon® offers certified radon tests in the Guelph, Ontario area, conducted by our C-NRPP radon testing specialists or for the more frugal we offer a concerned homeowner, mail out radon tests kits at big box store prices without the hassle of finding radon test kits at the big box stores.

Here is what one of our recent customers had to say: We were surprised when our radon test came back at over the Health Canada levels. My husband is in the soil and air quality business and we were both impressed with the service that we received from Mr Radon. Our phone calls and e-mails were answered quickly and professionally, they were able to answer all our questions and we had quite a few. When they came to our home in Guelph they were on time, they took the time to explain what they were doing, involved us in the placement of our new radon mitigation system and our basement was cleaner when they left than it was before they arrived!  Katherine D ~ Guelph Ontario